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Legacy Funding Projects:
Land Surveys & Land Issues Inventory

Brunswick House First Nation received funding from the First Nation Land Management Resource Centre in August 2021 to complete two projects that will address legacy land issues. The two projects include Land Surveys and a Land Issues Inventory. Both projects support the goals of the BHFN Land Code. 


Project 1: Land Surveys

The Land Survey project will adjust lot lines and road boundaries to reflect how the Duck Lake Reserve has developed. The surveys will adjust lot and road boundaries along Maukwa Street, Mountbatten Street, and the Pow Wow Grounds.

Image 1: Land survey area along Maukwa Street and Mountbatten Street

Image 2: Land survey area to create a lot for the Pow Wow Grounds

Project 2: Land Issues Inventory

The Land Issues Inventory will collect information about the use of land in the Duck Land Reserve. This information will help address historical and ongoing land issues. The inventory will also provide updates on the status of building occupancies and availabilities. The Land Issues Inventory will support BHFN with managing land under the Land Code

Please reach out to the BHFN Lands and Resources Department for more information about the Legacy Funding Projects. 


Krystal Law, Land Code Coordinator                   Kayla White, Land Code Assistant        

705-864-0174 ext. 226                                               705-864-0174 ext. 226                    

Mountbatten Climate Change Monitoring Project

We are moving forward with the Mountbatten Climate Change Monitoring project and are seeking consultation with members to narrow down our priority areas and concerns. We have prepared a survey for you to share your thoughts. Click here to complete the survey.                  


We appreciate your input. Please provide feedback by Friday, February 25th.

Supporting documents:

      Climate Change Monitoring Infograph:                     Mountbatten Map of Lakes:

Cannabis Community Consultation

There have been a couple of applications to open up a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary so we are looking for community feedback.  Do the members of Brunswick House First Nation want to allow Cannabis Dispensaries to operate within our community? To view the information presented in the Cannabis Community Consultation, click on the button below. A survey has been created to get feedback from the community on their thoughts, click here to complete the survey.                       


We value your opinion!

Land Development Law

Learn more about BHFN's draft Land Development Law by watching a presentation by Northern Futures Planning team lead Jesse Ajayi here

Please fill out the following survey to help BHFN review and improve its draft Land Development Law.

Land Code Annual Report

On September 15th 2021 a community meeting was held to share with members what has been accomplished in the past 12 months under the Land Code. A video recording of the meeting can be viewed at the website below.

Kamig Kwe Naanknigewin

Brunswick House First Nation is proud to present Kamig Kwe Naankigewin "Mother Earth Law" an Environmental Management Plan 

Brunswick House First Nation celebrated the inclusion of a collection of birch bark containers and model canoes at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto on March 13, 2018. The 16 birch bark containers and two model canoes were hand made in the 1940s and 1950s by Joseph and Clara Candassie, who were original First Nation Ojibway citizens of Brunswick House First Nation.  Read the full article here.


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