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Welcome to our Land Code and Land Use Planning web site! The vote was held on July 20th, 2019 and the Land Code was ratified by the members.

The Land Code  enables our people to regain governance over our lands and resources.

The Brunswick House First Nation Land Code reflects the unique needs, traditions, and teachings of our community.  Our Land Code helps to provide a prosperous, self-sufficient, and sustainable future for our people, provide sound environmental protection, and help protect our way of life, for ourselves and for our future generations.  


“1 out of every 4 First Nations in Canada is either a signatory to the Framework Agreement or on the ‘waiting list’ to become a signatory in order to pursue self-determination.


Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in economic development projects on Framework Agreement First Nations’ lands.


Canada is receiving a financial return ten times the dollars that the federal government is investing in the Framework Agreement process. What an incredible success story.”

Robert Louie
Chair, Lands Advisory Board

Misty Forest Reflection
BHFN Land Code and Land Use Plan

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BHFN Land Use Plan

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The Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management

The Framework Agreement provides signatory First Nations with the option to manage their reserve lands outside the Indian Act. The option to regain control of their land can only be taken with the consent of the community. Only when each of these First Nations takes control of its lands and resources under the Agreement, shall federal administration of its reserve lands cease under the Indian Act.

Brunswick House First Nation IS a signatory to the Framework Agreement.

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Our BFHN Land Code

Our Land Code, drafted by the BHFN community, will be the basic land law of our First Nation and will replace the land management provisions of the Indian Act that currently apply to our lands. The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development will no longer be involved in the management of our reserve lands.

Our Land Code does not have to be approved by the Minister.

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BHFN Land Use Planning

Our Land Use Plan sets out the community vision, intent and policies for managing lands and resources on BHFN's reserve lands. It was approved by Council in July 2017.

The Land Use Plan will be a tool BHFN uses to help implement our Land Code. 


Our Community Land Code is  driven by the community members of BHFN.  The future of our lands, of the sustainability of our traditional ways and culture, of our children, truly rests with the actions that we take now.  We need your voice and your input.  By updating your contact information, we are able to send you important updates, drafts of the land code, and voter information.  Please take a moment to fill out the form below.  


BHFN is counting on you!

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