Adopted: March 2021

Purpose: Sets out a plan to address and manage environmental issues on reserves


•Actions identified to address drinking water; road maintenance, chemical spraying, protecting sacred areas, fuel and chemical storage and handling, solid waste disposal

•Created with community input on priorities

•Actions planned for next 5 years

Business Title


Adopted: By BCR in 2021

Purpose: until BHFN can create their own highway traffic act.


•Existing provincial laws to be enforced by NAPS on reserve: HTA, Automobile Insurance Act, Snowmobile Insurance Act, ATV Insurance Act, Liquor License Act and Trespass Act

•Speed limit zones established for on reserve

•BHFN specific law to be prepared 2022-2023

Adopted: Consultation Policy was adopted in 2016 

Purpose: Provides industry and governments with BHFN expectations and process for consultation and accommodation when a proposed development or activity could impact BHFN aboriginal or Treaty rights.


·Includes 8 steps to follow in consulting with the community

·Communications plan will help implement the consultation policy

Land Development Law

Adopted: Target for March 2022

Purpose: to provide a process for approving and inspecting new land development on reserves. Lot survey to correct survey errors, land issues inventory

Adopted: by March 2022

Purpose: to provide guidance for constructing traditional use cabins


•Rights based approach and legally defensible

•Toolkit to address questions and provide resources

•To be shared with the province

Fuel Storage and Handling Regulation

Adopted: 2022 (target)

Purpose: Regulates how fuel and chemicals brought onto the reserve are handled and managed to protect the environment


•Starting to develop in September (Legacy funding)

•Identified in the EMP/KKN

•Needs to be guided by an overall environmental protection law

•BHFN supported by Blue Heron Environmental