Cabin Policy

Adopted: anticipated by March 2022

Purpose: to provide guidance for constructing traditional use cabins


•Rights based approach and legally defensible

•Toolkit to address questions and provide resources

•To be shared with the province

Cabin by the Lake


BHFN is currently working on finalizing the Brunswick House First Nation Cabin Policy that will assist band members in knowing how to establish their own cabin for traditional hunting and gathering purposes.  The document is in its Draft stage and will be finalized by March 2022.


BHFN Cabin Policy Tool Kit

This Toolkit has been created in addition to the Cabin Policy, as a resource to guide BHFN members for building and maintaining their cabins safely, and according to BHFN standards. The Toolkit consist of the following sections:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Common questions posed by BHFN members through surveys and gatherings, have been collected and answered in this section.

  • Guidance: This section gives further guidance to members on best practices to maintaining a safe and clean environment.

  • Resources: This section provides information about local resources that can be used to help build and maintain a cabin.

  • Contacts: Key contacts for any further questions, or for sharing cabin locations are found in this section.

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Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) is an Agreement between Canada, Ontario and First nations' members in Ontario.  The Agreement promotres resource and economic  development initiatives of First Nations members by providing financial assistance to develop and utilize sustainable natural resources.  To apply for this funding click here.